Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Surviving the Holocaust, war, genocide, sexual abuse or the death-sentence of cancer takes more than luck.  It takes a mind-set that sees opportunity, instantly assesses risk and weighs the odds. This searing documentary explores the lives of nine survivors of unimaginable horrors, from the killing fields of Cambodia, the Bialystok Ghetto of World War II, the chaos of the Ethiopian civil war and more.

What was their secret to survival?  What did they do and think that gave them the way out?  Shot on location, this film gives survivors the opportunity to tell their inspiring stories and audiences insight into rising above the odds.

Currently in production

Triumph of the Entrepreneur Learning Series

This educational tool is based on a robust series of videos and teaching modules designed for high school and college students. Each video in the Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit series profiles a survivor of war, genocide, natural disaster or life-threatening illness who tapped into the entrepreneurial mindset and created a thriving business. Students learn from these powerful real-life examples how to identify markets, create business plans, navigate financing, find qualified employees and build a dedicated customer base. The modules are cross-disciplinary and support engineering, history, psychology, sociology, women’s studies and work-based learning goals. 

Experience Counts

ExperienceCounts is dedicated to empowering older Americans to build their own businesses and nonprofits, and to become financially secure.

We focus nationally on people aged fifty and up--individuals on the cusp of retirement age but without the means or the will to give up on working life.

We offer a one-of-a-kind, scalable solution to combat the financial and social risks faced by the largest growing segment of our population. Our program provides training, tools and networking to our users so that they can launch new businesses and nonprofits, establish financial independence, and proudly grow their own careers, their communities and the economy at-large.

Effective Social Enterprise

Steve’s next book will share the lessons he learned building NFTE from the ground up.


Typically, only those in the top economic brackets are familiar with the power of 501(c)(3) status, but the lifeblood of change is the small, grassroots efforts. This book guide people in leveraging non-profit and charitable status to create organizations aimed at solving community problems.

Coming sometime in 2020.

Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit

The Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit book tells the stories of the harrowing trials faced by men and women who have risen from the ashes of war, genocide, natural disaster, and life-threatening illness. From Holocaust victims to survivors of the Vietnam War, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the crisis in the Middle East, and Ethiopian “red terror,” the books profiles explore how becoming an entrepreneur helped the subject not only survive, but learn to thrive.

Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit builds off of Steve’s previous book The Entrepreneur’s Manifesto, which made the argument for the power of entrepreneurship education and support for entrepreneurs to combat global poverty, war, and terrorism and encourage freedom and democracy.

Coming sometime in 2021.